About P.Panteleakos


Who is P.Panteleakos?

Hi there, My name is Panagiotis Panteleakos and I am from Greece.

How old are you?

I was born on 1986, so probably you can count how old I am, on these days.

What are you doing?

The last many years I work for clients and partners offering them the last edge of technology solutions base on the problems they face. From developing few lines of code to a digital ecosystem with IoT.

Why did you make this page?

Since my young age, I was attracted by creativity, science and technology. This website will be used to share personal moments, reviews, opinions or to sell or promote any related product/service with things I like and I prefer to share with everyone.

What was your first “digital experience”?

My first ever computer was Amiga 3000 with windows 3.11. I still remember that my first download MP3 (which might took a weekend to download). It was the song “Gangsta’s Paradise” back on 1995. The communication back then it was mostly with mIRC (What is mIRC?) so was the download. Back in 1996, computers didn’t had the distractions we have today with the internet. This was an opportunity though back then. I was lucky, as I used my free time to explore each separate functionality of those computers. As many families, we couldn’t but a pc every year, so back then there was only one way to keep up with the technology. Since I was 14, I was helping friends and after a while individuals to learn computer, to learn MS Office, to install them software, to make hardware upgrades and other technical stuff. I learn very fast how the systems works. I grow into the computer technology. This helped me to use second hand computer parts either for “black market” either to upgrade my own computer. Even if it sounds “strange”, it was pure feelings though to keep up with my passion.

Why you?

I am a person who always try to find the best possible outcome with the best possible cost to a requested situation. Problem solving and other soft skills are part of my routine.  I have an extended experience on people management, crisis management, business development, start-ups grow consulting, travel & hospitality experience services, digital marketing, website development, coding (HTML, JS, CSS, Python). As a person who grow on a small place I can tell that I had the time and the opportunity to follow my passion all these years, even with many difficulties. Please, feel free to see my past experience or to connect with me on LinkedIn .


The content of this personal website is focused on the following topics:

  1. Creativity (Photography, Video, constructions, etc)
  2. Travel (Travel stories, travel tips, hospitality management, etc)
  3. Reviews (Reviews based on personal opinions for products & services
  4. Philosophie (open conversations for recommendations or new ways of impact)
  5. Affiliate content (promoting specific products and services for marketing reasons)